Antiikki-Kirja Jan Strang

Antiikki-Kirja Jan Strang is an antiquarian bookseller specializing in old maps and prints and also a book publisher. It is founded by Jan Strang in 1977 who still owns it. The firm used to have a store in central Helsinki between 1980 and 2002. From 2003 onwards it has been located in a villa in the eastern suburb of Helsinki Tammisalo (Tammelund). There is no shop only a study so all visits should be appointed in advance to ensure that somebody is in place and that the items you are interested in are there. Antiikki-Kirja has had stands in book fairs and antiquity fairs In Helsinki.

Jan Strang is a leading specialist in the history of maps of Northern Europe. He has written several books on the theme e.g. the standard works Mapping of Finland 1532–2005 and Mapping of Finland by Russia 1710–1942. He is also one of the many authors of the standard work History of Cartography (Chicago University Press). He has been the president of the Finnish map society Chartarum Amici and the national representative of the International Map Collectors Society (IMCOS).