Payment and delivery

Prices do not include any deductible VAT.

The merchandises can be paid either

  1. by money transfer (in which case we will send you a separate invoice within 24 hours) or
  2. through PayPal with your PayPal account or with Visa or MasterCard card (in which case the payment is made immediately) or
  3. if picked up in our store, with cash or with Visa or MasterCard.

Maps and prints are sent without frames or passe partouts in tube as Postal Parcels.

Books are sent as postal parcels.

As cost of delivery to Finland we charge: Normally 6,90 €.  In special cases (e.g. framed items or insured parcels) the real delivery cost is charged.

To other countries and Aland Island the program calculates the delivery charge on basis of the size of the merchandise and the destination country.

Customers have the right to return the merchandises according to Finnish and EU legislation.